RadarCube VCL Direct

RadarCube VCL Direct 1.10

Main features: 100% Unicode support. Supports hierarchical...

Main features: 100% Unicode support. Supports hierarchical dimensions described by ;Parent-Child; relations. Both ;balanced;and ;unbalanced; hierarchies are supported.

No restrictions for the amount of hierarchicallevels. Supports ;snowflake; schema. An ability to edit fact table data directly in OLAP-view. An ability to show several summaries and several aggregate function at the same time.

To compare the values of neighbor cells or calculate cumulative sums can be used sub-functions. See the list of supported functions on the footnote.

Calculated dimensions and range-based dimensions. An ability to use a summary asone of the cube dimensions. Three types of calculated summaries: Calculated from the fact table records Calculated using user formulas Calculated using user defined aggregate functions.

Supports dimension attributes. Any field from the dimension table may be read fromthe fact table as a separate attribute of dimension and used later to describe dimensionmembers more fully.

Supports supersaturated cubes when one cube cell hold two or more values from thefact table. Using all MOLAP advantages with no problems, related with calculating of ;sparse;cubes (;database explosion; and ;cube sparsity;).

HierCube works easy with hundredsof dimensions and, so solves tasks beyond of the strength of most of industrialOLAP-servers. There are no restrictions for the maximum cube capacity.

High performance and very modest memory requirements: algorithms of calculating ;on the fly; allow to process the fact table holding a million of records in a single second (excluding the time of data fetching).

See benchmarks pagefor details. Works with any successor of standard TDataSet component, no BDE required. Workswith unidirectional datasets (that ;remember; only current database record) anddatasets that ;do not know; the full record count of an executed query.

Supports saving to and reading from any component derived from TStream (includingTFileStream). Allows to save the ;history of analysis; (in other word differentslices of the same cube) and switch between them later.

Allows to fetch new data from the fact table or full refresh without closing thecube (at that the grid keeps the current slice). Supports user groups, sorting, filtering by dimension members.

Can filter by anycombination of dimension members in any dimension. Allows to display the current slice as a diagram (any TChart successor). Sourcecode of the charting component are distributed free.

Allows to copy the selected grid area into clipboard in different formats. Allows to export grid data to many formats: MS Excel (using OLE or directly to XLS-file),HTML, PDF, WMF, RTF, TXT, BMP, XML for Analysis, XML Spreadsheet, RaveReport, ReportBuilder,FastR.

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RadarCube VCL Direct


RadarCube VCL Direct 1.10

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